Strata Management

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At Pacific Quorum Vancouver Island Properties we can offer you and your Strata Corporation full Management Services, Accounting Only Services, and Consulting Services.

We are able and prepared to customize our services to meet your unique requirements. As a client you’ll have full access to Pacific Quorum Vancouver Island Properties' specialized banking, insurance and legal programs.


Insurance Program

As a result of our clients’ insured assets, we established an “Umbrella” insurance program, which sees increased coverages and decreased premiums in a market where insurance is getting harder to obtain for Strata Corporations.


Unique Banking Program

Our preferred banking program provides some of the highest interest rates available for all monies held in trust. These interest rates are based on the Prime Banking Rates and generally see returns over 2.25% on CRF money, around 2% on Operating money and around 1% on Special Assessment money.


Legal Program

We have developed a legal program with a Strata Specific law firm. Through Pacific Quorum Vancouver Island Properties, this firm provides ease of access, reduced rates, free consulting, and so much more.


We Also Offer

  • Financial bookkeeping services
  • Strata fee collection
  • Contractor payments
  • Agenda production
  • Minute taking and distribution
  • Correspondence management & response
  • Maintenance, services management and coordination
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • AGM production attendance including minute taking
  • Bylaw review and enforcement assistance
  • Conflict mediation
  • Document storage
  • And more!

Strata Proposal Request Form

Strata information is asked to help us understand your Strata Corporation and what may be involved to provide you a more accurate proposal. Our Managing Broker will like to contact you to have a simple conversation about your Strata Corporation, its wish list and expectations. (* fields required)

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