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Industry Trends for Property Management in 2021



This past year has been especially difficult for property managers and the industry as a whole. Not only have they had to look after their own personal health and safety but they are also tasked with the difficult responsibility of preventing the spread of COVID-19 within their prope…

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Top Rental Listing Sites for Property Managers in 2021



Remember the days of purchasing an ad in your local newspaper advertising your rental listings? Unfortunately, we do. It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t even been more than 20 years since the most cost-effective promotions came from local news. However, as we are all aware, times ch…

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4 Easy Rental Property Summer Landscaping Tips

After receiving another (hopefully final) blast of winter, our minds have been counting down the days we can head down to Parksville or Qualicum Beach after work, go for a swim in the river, play volleyball or do virtually anything without freezing our faces off!


One thing we notice all…

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How to Write a Rent Increase Letter

Leasing season is just around the corner and if you haven’t decided if you should be increasing your rent, you’ll need to ensure you’re providing your tenants an appropriate amount of notice as soon as possible.


On average, the annual rental prices increase between 3-5%. However, due to…

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The Importance of Pre Screening Tenant Inquiry Calls

One of the most important tasks you can do as a property owner or manager is to screen tenants applying for residency in your building. As we know, the key to make your rental property profitable is with the help of quality tenants who you can trust to take care of the property. 


Our t…

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How Much Should You Charge Renters for Property Damage?

Dealing with property damage is a naturally occurring part of the property management business. Whether you’re managing rental properties, commercial properties, or looking at developer services, you will need to accept the very real possibility that you will very likely face property damage at …

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Quick Tips to Streamline Your Filing Process for Tax Season

It is with great displeasure we are tasked with reminding you all that tax season is upon us. This is a time where everyone, both professionally and personally, begins to simultaneously channel a minor headache when they even remotely think about their finances. Although we are not certified p…

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7 Security Tips to Keep Your Rental or Commercial Property Safe



If there is one thing we can all agree on, theft and destruction are equally problematic. Not only does it have a financial cost associated with resolving the issue, but it is also a massive red flag for potential tenants. The one saving grace is that with a few simple updates to your prop…

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5 Tips to Pick the Right Commercial Property Manager For You





Believe it or not, Commercial Property Managers regularly become mistaken for Residential Property Managers. Although both manage properties, these two types of individuals have a massive difference in the actual type of work involved. Some of the differences include complex leases…

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Brace Yourselves, Winter Is Still Coming…


If you thought your community across Vancouver Island was in the clear from the raging winter storms this season, think again. Recent weather forecasts are all in agreement that we will be receiving a snowfall on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this week. Despite these reports approximating 2-…

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Building Community Within Your Community: Importance of Keeping a Healthy Relationship With Your Tenants



The saying “Time is Money” is no exception when applied to property management. One time investment property managers can make is resolving high tenancy turnover. Whether it’s preparing the units for showings, creating online advertising for potential tenants, maintenance, or proce…

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Creating a Successful Strata Council Free From Harassment



As a member of your community Strata Council you know that volunteering your free time is not meant to be viewed as some altruistic accomplishment, but rather, you’re there to help see positive actions take place for the betterment of your community. 


However, this type…

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Property Management In Central Vancouver Island: Developing Future Opportunities With Qualified Professionals

Throughout this last year, the Central Vancouver Island Region has experienced an unprecedented surge in demand for qualified property management professionals within their communities. More specifically, Nanaimo, Courtenay, and Comox regions have been desperately seeking dedicated, trained and …

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Lower Strata Insurance Rates in the works for 2021

Best Terms Pricing, the practice that contributed to driving up the cost of strata insurance, will end in 2021.

This is welcome news and will drive down insurance costs for strata owners from Victoria to Nanaimo and across the whole of Vancouver Island and British Columbia.

To read more ab…

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Strata Property Management and Strata Housing: COVID-19 Resources

As a follow up to our article about mask wearing policy enforcement in Strata buildings and with the Holiday season upon us we thought it a good idea to provide some COVID-19 resources to help strata owners, strata corporations and property developers find the information they need to ensure a s…

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Should COVID-19 mask rules be strictly enforced in Strata Buildings?

With vaccines now starting to be administered across B.C. there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is important to still keep measures in place for your strata to curb the virus as most of us won't get vaccinated until later this year.

The Condominium Home Owners Association …

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Simplify Property Management and Strata Living with this new Smart Technology

Developers and Property managers in larger urban centres like Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo will soon be able to greatly simplify the management process and the lives of residents within strata, condo and other multi-dwelling properties by offering smart building technology with one app created …

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How to run an Effective Condo and Strata AGM E-Meeting

At Bayview, and with Zoom meetings, we have found a diamond amongst the coal that is COVID. E-Meetings such as zoom calls, allows us to be at our desks, and have direct access to all the Strata Corporation documents and Financial statements.

It has made our rental and property management meet…

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Preparing Condos and Rental Properties for the Winter Months

Preparing Condos and Rental Properties for the Winter Months

In Canada, preparing for winter months is not an option, rather it is a necessity, this is not any different for Strata Corporations in British Columbia. Here is an interesting article on how to prepare your condo or rental property for the winter months and how to ensure your tenants don’t get th…

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How to Simplify Strata Insurance

How to simplify Strata Insurance

As most Strata Corporations and Strata Owners are now aware, insurance rates have increased dramatically across British Columbia. For many insurance rates have increased 50-300% and deductibles from $25,000 to a $100,000. 

As a result new legislative changes includes several new obligations …

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