Industry Trends for Property Management in 2021



This past year has been especially difficult for property managers and the industry as a whole. Not only have they had to look after their own personal health and safety but they are also tasked with the difficult responsibility of preventing the spread of COVID-19 within their properties also. Additionally, with the rising unemployment rates and forced lockdown orders nationally it has been a complicated process mitigating damages caused by missed rent payments. A lot of the emerging trends discussed below have resulted in a rising necessity and demand for these types of services in relation to the ongoing pandemic.


Focussing More Attention on Resident-Related Concerns

It’s no secret that many property managers and businesses as a whole have had to shift their priority and focusses away from profit margins and now focus on community and tenancy relations. 


With rising uncertainty and stress building everyday communication and leniency have been determined to be the best course of action moving forward. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend reviewing or revising your communication policies between your property managers and tenants. 


Find ways to accommodate your renters either in the form of a customized payment plan or helping unemployed tenants get resources on filling financial aid services. 


More Communication, Services & Insights from Property Managers

With the rise in rental property apps and platforms, renters have increasingly begun to appreciate the skills and expertise of professional property managers. With so much uncertainty surrounding people’s daily lives and income, tenants will be looking to qualified property managers for guidance. 


Some of the ways a certified property manager can improve their communication are through the implementation of regular notices surrounding rent payments, vacancies, or changes to regulations. Providing access to financial reports on demand is another firm way to gain trust and appreciation from property owners.


At the end of the day, most rental properties are an investment and property owners want to ensure that the proper due diligence is being taken to protect their best interests.


Incorporating New Technology Into Daily Operations

Another trend we have found is that due to the pandemic and restrictions that are put in place, many individuals remain skeptical about visiting new locations. One way we have found success in mitigating these feelings is by incorporating virtual tours and electronic leasing alternatives to potential tenants.


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