7 Security Tips to Keep Your Rental or Commercial Property Safe



If there is one thing we can all agree on, theft and destruction are equally problematic. Not only does it have a financial cost associated with resolving the issue, but it is also a massive red flag for potential tenants. The one saving grace is that with a few simple updates to your property’s security you can massively reduce the chances of this happening to you or your tenants in the future.


Here are 7 security tips from our team to keep your rental or commercial property safe and secure:



1. Secure Your Main Entrances: 

First and foremost the number one thing any property manager should look into is installing double deadbolt doors for extra security. Additionally, you will want to ensure that your entrances are either solid wood or metal construction doors to deter easy access from potential thieves. In the event you have to remove a tenant from your property, we highly recommend getting your locks rekeyed and changed.

2. Check Your Window Security: 

While you might be thinking to yourself “obviously you should have locks on your windows…” consider the following: not every province requires locks on windows. The number one way to deter any potential harm or damages to your property is to make it visibly clear to any perpetrator that you have locks installed on your windows. 

This will cause them to take a second guess before following through with their decision to break into your building and could save you hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. Also, who would want to risk crawling through a window with broken glass shards pointing out!


3. Install External Lighting: 

It’s simple, shine a light on those who dwell in the dark! Motion sensors make for a great solution to prevent any would-be burglars


4. Install A Modern Security System: 

While we can’t recommend a specific security system to use we do highly encourage the installation and usage of one. You will also want to ensure that your property managers have a ‘master code’ (separate from your tenants) to override the system should there ever be any issues. The installation of an up-to-date security system will also increase the likelihood that potential tenants will want to rent from your space!

5. Advertise That Your Property Is Secure: 

Placing easily identifiable signs in key locations around your property is another tactic we recommend to prevent potential theft or property damage. A simple “You’re on camera” or “This property has a security alarm” will do the trick while also being relatively cheap on cost!


6. Remove Potential Hiding Places:

If you have any bushes, sheds, covered garbage areas make sure that these places are kept up routinely with maintenance and secured. It is also important to speak directly to your tenants about large bushes near windows and the potential risks involved with keeping them untrimmed.


7. Keep a Record of All Your Furnishings: 

Similar to those stories you see online of the children taking photos of how their home looked before they decided to have a party unsupervised, you should be doing the same thing with your property. Keep a detailed record of all personal items and furnishings on your property and do a monthly review to make sure nothing has gone missing.


Regardless of whom your security updates are designed for we can all agree that the short-term investment in the security will be well worth it in the long run. It is also important to remember, before you begin applying any updates or maintenance to your commercial or residential property, make sure you’re complying with any local bylaw regulations. For more information on how you can better secure your property contact our team of certified property management professionals today!



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