4 Easy Rental Property Summer Landscaping Tips

After receiving another (hopefully final) blast of winter, our minds have been counting down the days we can head down to Parksville or Qualicum Beach after work, go for a swim in the river, play volleyball or do virtually anything without freezing our faces off!


One thing we notice all too often when we’re out and about during those nice summer days is the lack of maintenance and preparation taken by Rental Property owners. 


Here are a few simple landscaping tips to think of that will have your property looking tip-top shape in time for the summer:


Water Your Lawn in the Morning


While most people think watering your lawn in the evening is the most practical method, we disagree. When you water your grass at night you increase the potential your damp grass can breed fungus which can be a pain to remove. We recommend watering your grass in the morning to give the roots an opportunity to capture and absorb the moisture prior to becoming dormant from the hot sun in the afternoons.


It is also important to note that just because the days get longer and hotter during the summer does not mean you have to over water your lawn.


Mow Your Grass Regularly


Make sure you create a schedule and stick to it! This may seem obvious but keeping a consistent length helps combat weeds and pests in addition to promoting healthy growth. 


According to The Family Handyman, when you are cutting your grass you should mow cool-climate grasses 3-4 inches (7.5cm - 10cm) and for warm-climate grasses 1-2 inches (2.5cm - 5cm).


Trim Trees, Shrubs, and Other Plants


Due to the increased temperatures and minimal storms you’ll want to check your surrounding trees, shrubs, or other plants if they require pruning. Dead tree limbs can become a potential risk if left unkept and could cause potential property damage to your property.


Another important benefit of trimming your shrubs or bushes is it limits the potential for pests to nest which could also lead to future pest control issues inside your building. Trimming bushes can even help secure your rental or commercial property from potential burglars. 


Plant Drought-Tolerant Plants and Shrubs


Investing in some greenery that is tolerant to droughts is key for the summer. Not only does it limit the amount of water usage by your maintenance systems, but it also saves you or your maintenance crew time and looks visually appealing. We recommend visiting your local garden centres to find some plants that would work for your rental or commercial property. In doing so not only are you investing in the future value of your property but you will also be investing in your local communities!




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